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Dr. Bijan Izadi , Attorney at Law and Legal Consultant

The Managing Director of the Firm

It is with thorough happiness and entire respect to introduce myself as an Attorney at Law and Senior Legal Consultant licensed and authorized to practice at Iranian courts. I have obtained my law practicing license under No. 4506 on year 1980 from Central Bar Association of Iran-Tehran.

My pivotal camps of studies are both Private International Law and Contract Law , the subjects in which I have participated at numerous sessions and meeting at United Nations Commission on International Trade Law(UNCITRAL) and accomplished a few research and study courses at International Institute for Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) and Max-Planck Institute for International Private Law and International Development Law(IDLO), respectively in United Nations Headquarters (New York),Head Quarters of UNCITRAL in Austria(Wiena) ,IDLO main center in Italy (Rome) and Max-Planck Head Office in Germany (Hamburg). My Articles on these subjects are available and accessible in English Language under my name , through Internet Services.

I obtained my L.L.B degree (Bachelor of Law) on year 1972 and L.L.M degree(Master of Law) in Private Law on year 1978 with a dissertation on Citizenship and Occupation of Foreign citizens both from National University of Iran(Melli University of Iran), while I accomplished my M.phil degree in “Contract law on year 1988 at EU Institute of Rome (Alcide de Gasperi) .

My law office deals majorly with problems to which Iranian Citizens usually face, in regard with their foreign partners and follows difficulties which foreigners usually confront in regard with their Iranian partners or consorts in Iran.We accept Family Law and all sorts of civil litigation. These.These problems are technically identified as cases within conceptual framework of Private International Law or Conflict of Laws.

The working languages of the office is English and Italian ,and of course Persian (Farsi) as our official national language and patria overwhelmingly dominant mother tongue.

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